Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The world as a stage.

Looking back at past events, following present ones and thinking of what the future may bring, I can not but imagine the world to be a sort of a giant stage, with most of us as spectators, enjoying, or not, the play displayed in front of us.
It's somehow funny when you think about the strange similarities between Assange of Wikileaks and Strauss Kahn of IMF. They both managed to become sexual harassers after meddling in US affairs. When I take into consideration the power DSK had as head of the IMF, needless to say the money (300 mil. only in art collections), I find it hard to believe that he couldn't hire a prostitute, if he really had such urgent needs. With Assange, a similar story.
Moving on to something of a more recent status, the News Corp/Murdoch hacking affair. So, let's say that the accusations are true. And faith has it that they got caught. But who is stupid enough to believe in faith? Or for that matter, who is so ignorant as to think that this is the only case of hacking by an international corporation? The mobile phone, other than making us extremely dependant on it, has proven to be a very useful tool in the hands of secret services, media and terrorists. So, this whole sharade which takes place in London right now is pretty funny. Let's "grill" Rupert Murdoch and his son, for hacking the phones of MPs, PMs and other high ranking people. The girl who was killed and whose phone was also hacked is, maybe, just for show off, a pretext. I wonder who mr. Murdoch annoyed over the years...
I could name another huge theater play, but with gruelling consequences: war. Hundreds of people die daily, and for what? Revolutions? Strangely, Libya, with its huge oil reserves, is the sole place where the US intervened.. what about Syria? Yemen? Egypt? Of course, who knows what happens behind closed doors... but I'm talking about military intervention. I suggest a well known book, "Confessions of an economic hit man". It's a real eye-opener!
As I discuss with some of my friends, no matter how much we talk about what could be behind many of the events we see on the news, the truth is that we can only make speculations. And, like in a theater, we won't know what actors really feel, or think. In this case, we won't know what's the truth. We can cling to conspiration theories, to "shocking" news, or to history books. Rarely will we have access to revealing documents, usually after some years post-events, but, in general, the truth will lie hidden.
And as for your mobile phones, if you do have something "confidential" to say, keep it till you meet face to face.

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