Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1411 Tigers left in India.

There are just 1411 tigers left in India... More, there can be just about 3200 tigers left in the wilderness all around the world. I am one of many who haven't yet seen a tiger in wilderness, only in zoo's. And that's not a place for a tiger to be. Our greatest cat must survive! The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has called to arms all the bloggers around the world, in hope that maybe, with our help, tigers will be saved. I posted some links below which show the atrocities tigers are going through. Please, take a look and try to do something, either by donating a small amount to WWF, or by telling your friends about this, or by writing...Anything can contribute to this worthy cause... Just do something!

The power of VIP

I was just thinking about the power of being a famous person, when thinking of how much good you can do... Let's look at Leonardo DiCaprio for example. He started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to foster awareness of environmental issues through participation with many outstanding organizations, ranging from the National Resources Defense Council (USA) to National Geographic Kids. DiCaprio also has lobbied hard for universal access to clean water and for reducing fossil fuel emissions and other greenhouse gases worldwide. Another good example would be Bono, of U2. There are few people in the music industry who have the presence of Bono. The Irish frontman of U2 knows no limitations when it comes to fighting poverty and hunger, and is constantly in direct contact with world leaders and policy makers in his quest to make the world a better place. Bono has been a leader in the fight against poverty, and has helped to create the ONE Campaign, DATA, (RED) and EDUN, a clothing company which is striving to stimulate trade with poverty stricken countries. Bono has received 3 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, and was knighted in 2007. And many more examples can come up...
When you take into account their international status, then you realize that their influence upon others can be tremendous! Thus, fans can identify with their icons, by contributing to worthy causes. Fans, in their thousands, can really put a stop to many illegal practices, can really join hands in fighting poverty, famine, war and issues concerning wildlife and environment. It's good to watch these celebrities in action, because, by doing so, you realize that, in fact, you can become a partner to these people, in helping them accomplish their mission, which, in fact, is our mission, all the people's mission. That is, to make a better world.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Back and able!

During the short life of this blog, most if it was a pause. I know, that's not too encouraging, nor is it efficient, but I've given it some thought, and, due to the precarious balance situation between eco-friendly/eco-distructive, I've decided to get back in the game!
So, tonight I'm shortly gonna tackle an issue if true importance to me: trees. It seems that, in our frenzy hunt for money, we're putting aside the one aspect we cannot live without: oxygen! So, trees produce oxygen. I don't even take the time to think what would happen to lief on Earth, without oxygen. But, like me, a lot of people don't. But, not like me, they destroy trees. That's the problem. Motives like space for crops, roads, development, are invoked. But is that really what's it all about? Or, the fact that they do see green... But not the kind trees have. It's more like a $ green. And they don't even care about the life that's in the forest, animal and human! So, for now, I'm going to post a link to an article of true revelance, and I'll be back in a short time.